For birthday
Daily doll news

In honor of the birthday of our magazine The Daily Doll News, we are holding a drawing of a master class by Ekaterina Shardakova "Portrait doll".

Description of MK 🔶️ Head, hair and arms includes:
🔸️preparation of photos and materials
Three ways to sculpt a head with a portrait likeness
🔸️features of male and female image
🔸️Easy way to sculpt ears and teeth
Face painting
Casting and painting of hands without a frame, rings
🔸️ Hair gluing, hairstyle and styling
MK is available indefinitely!

The drawing will take place November 6 from 14:00 to 16:00 on Instagram in profile DailyDoll.News
To take part in the drawing, the following conditions must be met:
1. Be subscribed to pages @ekaterinashardakova and @
2. Purchase a lottery ticket (one or more, the number is not limited). The cost of one ticket is 100 rubles (1.25 euro)
Each ticket will be assigned an individual number.
3. Make a publication in your profile about the draw.
4. Important! Mandatory presence on the air at the time of the drawing. If this condition is not met, another participant will receive the prize.